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Access and Backup Android Files and Photos

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Is your Android mobile FULL? Backup your data to your Arch Linux. It is easy following my steps (I hope hahaha). I had some trouble with other programs (android-file-transfer e mtpfs), so here it goes what works for me:

Install simple-mtpfs

If you do not have or know what is Yaourt, please check it out: https://angeloocana.com/en/blog/linux/arch/install-yaourt/

    yaourt -S simple-mtpfs

Create destination folder

I’ll be using mnt folder, you can use any name, but remember it for the next step.

    mkdir ~/mnt

Mount your Phone to a folder

    simple-mtpfs --device 1 ~/mnt

That is it! uhuhuh Just go to ~/mnt, your files will be there!

Official guide: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/MTP

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