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Vim Help Commands

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Vim is a old school text editor, It runs in the console, It is the faster of all. It’s the best option for accessing servers through line command.

Basic commands

Y Copy line.

v Select lines pressing arrows.

y Copy lines.

d Cut lines.

P Paste before current line.

p Paste.

/<span>textToSearch</span> Search.

n Go to the next match.

N Go to previous match.

r<span>L</span> Replace next character with ‘L’.

:%s/<span>search</span>/<span>replace</span>/gc Search and Replace.

:w Write changes (Save).

:q Quit.

i insert text mode.

o create a new line and enable insert text mode.

:set hlsearch high light text search.

:set incsearch It enables searching while typing.

<span>12</span>G Go to line 12.

gg Go to the top of the file.

G Go to the end of the file.

:cd <span>path</span> Change the working directory. Files can now be opened with relative paths. Use TAB and arrows to autocomplete directory names.

:pwd Shows the working directory.

:e . List working directory files and folders.

:e <span>file-name Opens the file.

dd Delete line.

u Revert changes.

v Select text.

V Select Lines.

d Delete selected text.

c Delete selected text and go into Insert mode.

:b <span>file-name</span> Switch to buffer (try TAB and arrows as well).

:bp Previous buffer.

h Move one character to the left.

l Move one character to the right.

j Move one line upward.

k Move one line down.


ctrl-w s Split window horizontally.

ctrl-w v Split vertically.

ctrl-w j Move focus down.

ctrl-w k Move focus up.

ctrl-w j Move buffer up one window.

ctrl-w k Move buffer down one window.

ctrl-w c Close window.

ctrl-w o Close all but current.

ctrl-w w Cycle focus.

ctrl-w p Focus previous window.


gg=G Indent entire file.

Vjj> Indent mutiple lines.

Line number

:set number Show line numbers.

:highlight LineNr ctermfg=grey Change line numbers color.

:set cursorline Show current line.


Typescript Syntax for Vim


    git clone https://github.com/leafgarland/typescript-vim.git ~/.vim/bundle/typescript-vim

Tsuquyomi: Make your Vim a TypeScript IDE.


    # Install and compile procvim.vim
    git clone https://github.com/Shougo/vimproc.vim.git ~/.vim/bundle/vimproc.vim
    cd ~/.vim/bundle/vimproc.vim


    # Install tsuquyomi
    git clone https://github.com/Quramy/tsuquyomi.git ~/.vim/bundle/tsuquyomi
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